Holidays at Eureka Farms

Eureka Farms Maine HolidayChristmas Tree 2022We are stocked with lots of gift boxes and  you can choose the items you want to put in them for your friends and family. We ship every day so that is never a  problem.  If someone gives you one of our beautiful gift boxes and you discover a new treat just go to our website and we have a shopping cart where you can order whatever you like and we will have it shipped to your door.

We will have wreaths, all of our usual goodies, plus a lot of stocking stuffers!

Some of our most popular items are Eureka Farms Maple Syrup and Honey as well as our Home Made Peanut Butter [3 varieties  that we make right here], stocking stuffers galore, and various other products made right here in Maine.


Surprise in a basket


In Our Store in Palmyra, We Accept

Cash, Personal Checks and use your credit card by linking up to VENMO.

Harvest Host

Real Maine

All prices are subject to change. Many of our item photos have price tags showing, but please be aware that those prices may not be accurate.