Maine Maple Weekend

maine-maple-sunday02.jpgThe main attraction at our Maine Maple Weekend is our wood fired evaporator and our maple donuts, made right here while you watch. The evaporator goes all day boiling the Maple sap into Maple syrup. Our evaporator has a viewing port so you can observe what happens inside the evaporator when the sap is boiling.

Another staple of Maine Maple Weekend at Eureka Farms is Gifford`s famous Maine made ice cream. You can easily find some served with Eureka Farms Maple syrup.

maine maple sunday01In 2015 we had our extended family Susan Riley of Riley's Market who gave demonstrations of making wooden bowls using wood from our farm on her lathe. Her beautiful products, which were not limited to just bowls were also for sale.

That began our tradition here at Eureka Farms of sharing these festivities with local vendors and businesses that we patronize and who support us. You will see several of these businesses and vendors all around our facility sharing what they have to offer. It is our way of “giving back” and also making this truly a family event.

In the coming years we plan to expand upon we offer on Maine Maple Weekend both in the educational department and also the fun.

Maine Maple Weekend here at Eureka Farms is made possible by all of our loyal friends and family who generously volunteer to assist us in making this most enjoyable weekend possible.



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